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The "high-tech" Shears designed to cut KEVLAR ® and TWARON ® and DYNEEMA ® materials.

Proton Shears are a further advancement in hand shears technology resulting in an obvious improvement of cutting efficiency when- and wherever "New Age"materials, such as Aramid-, DYNEEMA ®-, glass- and carbon fibers and fabrics, etc. are to be handled.
The special-formula blue-black coating provides for effective protection against abrasive wear and produces super-hard cutting edges rating about 2800 HV. An amazing fact ist that the fiction effect, generated during the shearing process, rebuilds the active ceramic oxide layers continuously, thus making up for any, otherwise, normal wear.
This coating is, moreover, extremely resistant towards any UV-radiation, hand sweat, oxidation, etc., and reduces, at the same time, the slide/friction coefficient to an absolute minimum for smooth and comfortable handling.
The chemically indifferent properties of this coating provide an active barrier against fouling of the blades - which is very much in contrast to conventional shears - and certainly a great advantage when working with adhesive-bonded materials.

ROBUSO Regrinding Service:
PROTON-Scissors and Shears are, of course, reworked and refinished by our Regrinding Services.