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We are an efficient family-held company, originally founded way back in 1919.
The third ROBUSO-generation, namely Reinhild Mohaupt, nee Pukelsheim, and her husband Detlef continued to run the company until Detlef Mohaupt died in May 1999. Reinhild Mohaupt is now in charge of the general management ROBUSO, with Rainer Hückelhoven, a graduated engenieer, being responsible for production operations and technical development. We are making every effort to continue the long path of company success well into future by keeping abreast with ever-changing market conditions. An important step in this direction is the onward development of hand-and electro-powered shears for use with "New Age" textiles such as glass- and carbon fiber fabrics, Aramide (i.e., ), ... 

A family-held company like ours, with advantages such as a clearly defined structural makeup, short decision-making routines and the capacity to react spontaneously and adequately to changing market conditions, is bound to cope successfully with all challenges the future may have in store.

It is the responsibility to our forefathers to assure that each shear and/or scissor is individually inspected and tested for optimal cutting quality before leaving our premises.

ISO 9001
Our Company has been certified on the basis of Specification DIN EN ISO 9001; certification date was March 26, 1997.

Along with the implementation of ISO 9001, we also decided in 1997 to reorganize our company on the basis of the principles set forth in the EU-ECO-Audit Ordinance 1836/93 covering the voluntary participation of industrial enterprises in a central pollution control management and conformance inspection.


ROBUSO Stahlwarenfabrik
Buntenbach & Sohn GmbH

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Neuenhofer Straße 75
42657 Solingen

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