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Power Cutting Shear
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Master-crafted Pattern, Floor Layer's/Carpeting Shears

The ideal solution for many cutting problems, especially when ARAMIDE (i.e. KEVLAR ® and TWARON ®), DYNEEMA ®, GLASS- and CARBON FIBER FABRICS are involved.

Our Power Cutting Shear operate on the principle of conventional hand shears. The cutting effect is produced by the up-and-down movement of the top blade, the edge of which is in constant contact with the edge of the fixed bottom blade. This machine is, in many applications, superior to circular knife cutters, because super-thin fibers cannot get entangled with rotating parts. Replacement of worn blades is readily accomplished.

The great variability of the shear foot blades provides for efficient cutting of high-tech materials - such as, for example, 13-layered glass fiber matting, aramide fabrics, etc. - as well as conventional materials, such as wire gauze, insulation mats, saddle leather, etc.

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