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Highlights ROBUSO Elastic
ROBUSO Elastic
Power Cutting Shear
Tailor's Shears as Complimentary Gift Items
Master-crafted Pattern, Floor Layer's/Carpeting Shears

the tailor's shears with built-in "power steering" because of their extreme ease of handling and smooth cutting charecteristics.

The fulcrum of these shears is leaf springloaded to ensure:
- that the joint faces "float" , i.e. do not contact one another, i.e. do not cause any internal friction during the cutting process.
- that the blades are constantly in preloaded edge-to-edge contact right down inti their tips
and a further advantage:
- the inner blades are precision hollow ground

Handles with red/black japanese lacquer finish and calored with a special silicon finish.

All told, ROBUSO-ELASTIC Shears feature:
- a maximum of handling comfort and extra smooth cutting characteristics without any undue physical effort (="power steering") so that the user can concentrate on what is to be done.