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With a manufacturing area of more than 2.100 qm and with approximately 55 staff KRETZER is stepping-up production to a weekly total of more than 35.000 scissors.

Therefore an annual average total of almost 1,4 million pcs. will be achieved and distributed world-wide.

The precondition for getting this huge quantity in a consistent high quality is a most progressive production plant and technology. KRETZER combines this with decades of experience and master craftsman-skills. The result: piece by piece products of superior quality - with guarantee!

With scissors and shears for industrial, professional, household, hairdressing, garden and hobby use together with individual special products all market areas are completely covered. The industry and individual customers alike will be served by specialized dealers committed to the KRETZER product.


Kretzer Scheren Solingen

Löhdorfer Str. 171 - 173
42699 Solingen

Tel: 0212 / 262 35 - 0
Fax: 0212 / 262 35 - 50

Kretzer Scissors Inc.

2150 Northmont Parkway
Suite A

Tel.: +1 404 - 978 - 0062
Fax: +1 404 - 355 - 6708
Toll Free: 866-573-8937 (only for USA)