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Highlights D'artagnan
Bread Knife Franz Güde
Chef´s Knives - Series Alpha
Chef´s Knives - Series Kappa
Sharpening Steel D'artagnan
Cooking Knife Damaskus Steel
Universal Knife
chin. Cooking Knife
Chai Dao

Blade: hard chrome-plated, magnetic, medium fine cut.

The special feature of D'artagnan is the handle. The integrated hand guard prevents injury when
sharpening knives, and it also serves as a hanging point. The patented hinge mechanism allows that double-function. This is especially practical, as professional knife sharpeners with a blade length of 30 cm are too long for standard drawers.
Sharpening steel D'artagnan, price award at Design Plus 1998.

Price awarded with the red point of high design quality by the Design Center Essen in 1999.

Oval, wood handle / 7006/32