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The generation of retrospection.
One thing is sure to remain the same, even in the firms fourth generation: Güde continues to produce forged knives in small numbers. By hand.

Since the 1980's, the grandson of Franz Güde, Dr. Karl Peter Born, has become the fourth generation director of the firm, and has resolutely revived the philosophies it was built upon.

Faced with the decision to manufacture up-to-date or timeless knives, Dr. Born concentrated on the original forms. The classical knife forms which were optimised in the 1930's are both: timeless and timely.

Firma Franz Güde1910
Karl Güde & Franz Güde
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Today, a time in which craftsmanship of uncompromising quality has regained great importance, in which original and natural flavour are again the deciding factors in the selection of food, knives from Güde have won a great number of enthusiastic customers; professionals, as always, as well as more and more dedicated hobby chefs.

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