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Highlights Franz Güde Bread Knife
Bread Knife Franz Güde
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The ultimative bread knife "Franz Güde". Franz Güde developed the scalloped edge in the Thirties. Forged out of one piece, blade length 32 cm (12 inch), scalloped.
Handle: olive wood.

A knife is a knife is a knife. The bread knife "Franz Güde" is a bread knife. And what a knife it is! It is big, very big, it's well proportioned, it's heavy and it's simply beautiful. Above all it makes us think of a round loaf of bread. A heavy loaf. Baked in the oven. One of those breads that you reminisce about that perhaps was once offered to you on a trip. That you eat just like that, without butter, without anything. That's the kind of knife this is.

(Design Plus 2001)

Article number: 7431/32;
in black carton box: KF-7431/32;
in wood box: KH-7431/32.