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Forged Chef´s Knife made of Damaskus Steel

The Damaskus-steel is fire-forged by hand by Markus Balbach. It is called "Wild Damaskus-steel" because of the irregular structures on the blade. The layers consist of high carbon tooling steel for
hardness and for flexibility Nickel-Steel (5-6% Nickel).

About 280 layers are forged to one piece. The steel is not stainless. The basic shape of the blade is than forged with a 1.5 ton hammer. More than 40 working steps follow to finish the knife. Blade lenght 21 cm.

The structure on the blade is a result of an etching process (the high carbon steel becomes dark). Handle: stain cherry wood. For sharpening a sharpening steel or stone may be used. The knife should be cleaned by hand. Put acid-free oil on the blade.