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Chai Dao

The Chinese from Solingen – the „Chinese Chef´s knife“ made by GÜDE!
Chinese cooking is becoming more and more popular. This inceases the interest for Asien cooking utensils.

To manufacture cooking utensils of superior quality is the objective of the Franz Güde Company. So we followed the advise of Theodor Heinrichsohn (an expert in Asian cooking) and produced a GÜDE-version of a Chinese chef´s knife.

We manufacture this knife in the well known GÜDE quality and hope to attract professional and semi-professional chefs. We redesigned the knife and forged it out of one piece of stainless steel.

Some information about the „Chinese by GÜDE“:

Its name is „Chai Dao“ – which means chef´s knife.

The Chinese chef´s knife looks rather like a cleaver, and is more effective than the european chef´s knife – which makes Chai Dao very interesting.

It is specifically used for many Asian dishes which need to be cooked for only a few minutes, and this means that the ingredients have to be cut into small pieces.

Most Chinese do this with their one and only chef´s knife. Chai Dao is a mixture of an European chef´s knife and a cleaver. When you hold it in your hand, it immediately feels comfortable. You place your fingers on the blade for better guiding. Now you can use it for chopping vegetables (not bones).

The sharp and wide blade has a good and safe feeling and you can cut either small or big pieces.

You can also chop herbs, garlic or pepper etc.

When the prepared ingredients have to be transfered into the wok or pot, it can be done very easily with the wide blade of Chai Dao.

For the Chinese cooking, Chai Dao is the ideal kitchen tool.